The biggest community based campaign in Scottish history kicked off today in Angus, one of several local Yes campaign organisations launching across the country in the build up to the 2014 Independence Referendum.

Yes Scotland Marketing Director, Ian Dommett, led the event explaining that Yes Scotland will engage in dialogue over the next two years with the people of Scotland, to discuss the kind of country we want Scotland to be, and the kind of future we would like to see for Scotland.

Yes Scotland aims to involve as many people as possible into the discussion on Scotland’s future, which goes beyond party politics, to be a truly community led campaign.

Yes Scotland will be the biggest political campaign Scotland has ever seen, with the aim of delivering the Scotland people deserve.  Yes Scotland will be active in every community across the country and will attempt to speak to as many people as possible and persuade them of the case for Independence.

The event was very well attended with people from all across Angus, including elected representatives from the SNP - Ian Hudghton MEP, Graeme Dey MSP, Nigel Don MSP and Mike Weir MP.

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