Aberdeen City Councillor Jim Kiddie attended today's "Keep Europe GM-Free" conference at the European Parliament. This conference, hosted by Jill Evans MEP, addressed scientific issues of GM crops and products and alternatives to GM technology. Scientists from around Europe took part in the conference, including Dr. Bob Orskov, from the Macaulay Institute.

GM crops are the result of genetically altering seeds supposedly to produce a plant that is more resistant to insects and disease. Pro-GM organizations are pushing to release these crops, regardless of environmental and health concerns. However, many have voiced concern over these same health and environmental concerns. In Scotland, many groups have expressed opposition to GM technology. However, despite this anti-GM feeling among Scots, little has been done by the Scottish Executive and the Westminster governments to address these health and environmental concerns.

SNP Councillor Jim Kiddie, who represents the Tullos Ward on Aberdeen City Council, commented:

"The uncertainty over the public health effects of GM technology in foodstuffs is a grave concern to many, and a major factor in the minds of the majority of Scots who are resolutely opposed to GM contamination. After taking part in the Brussels seminar, hearing evidence from top experts in the field, I am even more opposed to 'Frankenstein Foods' and will be calling on the Scottish Executive and UK governments to heed public opinion by banning GM technology in the food chain"

North East based MEP Ian Hudghton, who also attended the conference, said:

"Scotland's food production industry rightly has a good reputation for quality, using natural production methods. Let us keep Scotland GM Free, and build upon that reputation- not ruin it."

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