Local SNP MEP Ian Hudghton says he is "delighted and honoured" to have been returned to serve another term in the European Parliament as one of Scotlandʼs seven MEPʼs.

Mr Hudghton, who was first elected to sit in the Brussels Parliament in a by-election in November 1998, led the SNPʼs list of candidates into this yearʼs elections and returns to Parliament this summer accompanied by newly elected colleague Alyn Smith. Mr Hudghton has experience of several committees within the Parliament, including Fisheries, Agriculture, Employment and Social Affairs and Budgets.

Commenting after the all-Scotland results were announced in Edinburgh, Mr Hudghton said:

"The European Parliament will be a very different place to what it was in the last parliamentary term with members from the 10 new countries taking their seats for the very first time. Many of these new countries are equal in size to, or even smaller, than Scotland and Iʼm sure that Scottish members will find common ground with many of our new colleagues.

"Be it in fighting for a fair deal for our fishing communities, arguing for improved transport links and taking steps to protect Scotlandʼs environment, the SNP team in Europe will never fail to put Scotland first in all we do, working hard to make sure our country gets the best we can from membership of the EU."

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