"North Scotland Must Not Become a Nuclear Dustbin"

SNP Euro-MP Ian Hudghton MEP today called for a rejection of any proposals to make Scotland a nuclear dustbin. Speaking in the European parliament in Strasbourg, which was debating nuclear waste, Mr Hudghton emphasised the importance of Scotland's environment and outlined the SNP's vision of a clean, green Scotland.

The debate comes amid renewed fears that the North of Scotland may be used for the dumping of nuclear waste.

Speaking after the debate, Mr Hudghton said:

"The North of Scotland depends more than anywhere else on the reputation for having a clean environment. Key industries - such as fishing, farming and tourism - are dependent on our clean countryside. Proposals therefore to ship nuclear waste into the North - be it from scrapped submarines or anywhere else - must be firmly rejected.

"The SNP's group in the European parliament today attempted to give councils more control in these matters by requiring local authority approval for the transport of nuclear waste within any given area. Unfortunately this proposal was defeated by an alliance including Scotland's Liberal, Tory and Labour members.

"The fight goes on however. The SNP will continue to campaign against North Scotland becoming a nuclear dustbin. I will take every opportunity in the European parliament to raise these concerns - and ensure a clean Scotland for our future generations."

Further details:

Mr Hudghton's speech to the European parliament was as follows:

"Today's vote on nuclear waste is most timely given recent research which shows that more than half of the UK sites identified as potential nuclear dumps are located in Scotland. My group today voted against the nuclear package because we believe that it offers nothing in terms of safety or the environment. In addition my party will continue to fight against Scotland becoming a nuclear dustbin.

"The Scottish National Party's vision of an Independent Scotland is of a clean, green Scotland taking advantage of our natural heritage and healthy environment. London seems to take the view that "the further away the better" - and regards Scotland as the ideal place to dump all the UK's nuclear waste. The people of Scotland will not stand for this treatment - and my party will continue to fight against this filthy industry."

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