Scotland’s hugely important research sector must not be put at risk by Westminster’s anti-Europe agenda, the SNP has warned today.
Since 2007, Scottish universities and research institutions have secured over €500 million in funding from the EU, helping to cement Scotland’s place at the cutting edge of research and innovation in a host of sectors.

The Times Higher Education world rankings shows that Scotland has more top 200 universities per head of population than any other country on earth – with five institutions making the top 200. Additionally, a recently published Times Higher Education ranked three Scottish universities in the world’s top 100 for universities that are under 50 years in age.

Commenting, SNP MEP Ian Hudghton said:
“Scotland performs well above our size when it comes to academia and research, with more top 200 universities per head than any other country.

“Our universities and the wider research sector provide a huge contribution to Scotland’s economy, which is why the partnership between Scotland and the EU is so important.

“With the EU having invested more than €500 million in Scotland’s universities since 2007 alone, it would be a disaster for Scotland’s economy to lose out on the substantial funding that the EU enables.

“Westminster’s anti-Europe agenda poses a major threat to Scotland’s leading research sector and by extension a huge part of Scotland’s economy.

“That danger is what the No campaign is offering Scotland – with all the deeply damaging consequences that go with it.

“Scotland’s research sector has long been making Scotland’s mark in Europe, but it is only with a vote for the SNP on the 22nd of May and a Yes vote in September that we can ensure Scotland continues to lead the way when it comes to research and innovation.”


The full Time Higher Education world top 200 rankings can be viewed at

More details on the recent Times Higher Education ranking showing Scotland has three universities in the top 100 universities less than 50 years old can be viewed at

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