European Parliament Votes To Abolish Phone Roaming Charges

A vote in the European Parliament to abolish roaming charges today has left the anti-independence campaign looking even more ridiculous after scaremongering on the issue.

In June last year, the Westminster Government published an anti-independence paper which claimed that people in Scotland would be forced to pay mobile phone roaming charges when travelling south of the border – just days after the European Commission announced its intention to abolish the charges.

Earlier this week the No campaign faced humiliation after the Guardian’s April Fools’ story claimed that people in Scotland would have to drive on the right – as claimed by Labour Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham in an interview with Holyrood magazine.

The European Parliament voted today to abolish roaming charges across the EU by the end of 2015 and expects final agreement to do so to be reached with member states by the end of this year.

Commenting, SNP MEP and Party President Ian Hudghton said:

“The big step towards abolishing roaming charges in the EU by the end of 2015 taken today is great news for everyone in Scotland and across the continent – everyone except the No campaign that is.

“Their claim that people in Scotland would face roaming charges was without doubt one of the silliest scare stories the anti-independence campaign has come up with and today’s vote in the European Parliament leaves them looking even more foolish.

“It comes just days after one of their other ludicrous claims – that people in Scotland would have to drive on the right – was parodied as the Guardian’s April Fools’ story.

“As the No campaign’s claims get more and more ridiculous, it is no wonder that people in Scotland simply do not take them seriously.

“I was proud to vote to end roaming charges because I know it will make a real difference to people in Scotland when they travel abroad and face high phone bills.

“With the European elections approaching, a vote for a strong team of SNP MEPs will be a vote to continue delivering for people across Scotland.”


Details of the No campaign’s previous claims on roaming charges can be viewed at
Details of the vote in the European Parliament can be viewed at

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