The Herald reports today that the President of the European Parliament, the German Social Democrat MEP Martin Schulz, has opposed a demand for legal advice from a parliamentary committee on whether Scotland’s membership of the EU could be fast-tracked following a Yes vote this September. Mr Schulz is reported to have claimed that the demand – which came from the two Scottish Labour MEPs and supported by a UKIP MEP - could be seen as interfering in the referendum campaign, and that such a move would be 'inappropriate' and might create ‘interferences’ in the campaign for Scottish independence.

Ian Hudghton, SNP MEP and party president, commented:
"Along with a range of Europe experts - such as EU Commission honorary director general Graham Avery - we are entirely confident that Scotland will become a member state from within, following a Yes vote this September and at the time of Scottish independence in March 2016. The work of the European Parliament committee is a matter for the relevant parliamentary authorities, but clearly the UKIP and Scottish Labour MEPs who keep hoping that EU institutions will take the side of the No campaign will be disappointed."


1. Today's Herald report can be accessed here:
2. An independent Scotland could expect to become a member of the European Union within 18 months of a yes vote, according to senior EU negotiator, Graham Avery, European Commission's honorary director general:

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