The Annual Conference of the Scottish National Party in Inverness has given a resounding vote of confidence to Ian Hudghton, a Member of the European Parliament since 1998.  In a ballot of delegates from all over Scotland, the sitting MEP topped the poll and will again head the SNP list of eight candidates at the European elections in June 2004.  Commenting Mr. Hudghton said:

"Next year's Euro poll provides an opportunity for Scots to demand an end to the misrepresentation and betrayal of our vital interests such as Fisheries. It is unacceptable that UK Ministers continue to have the last word and vote in Brussels, often with disastrous results for Scotland."

Ian Hudghton MEP is a member of the Europan Parliament's Fisheries and Budgets Committees and a substitute member on the Agriculture & Rural Development Committee, with office bases in Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.

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