Irene McGugan MSP and Ian Hudghton MEP will tomorrow (Thursday) pay a visit to the Silvery Tay in Menzieshill to sample some of the popular chip shop's fried fare, and to talk about the price of fish with owner Bene Di Ponio.  Irene McGugan said:

"To thank Ian Hudghton for fighting Scotlandís corner in the European Parliament on behalf of our fishing industry, I promised to buy him a fish supper next time he was in Dundee.

"There is no doubt that the swingeing cuts in catches and days at sea have been an absolute disaster for our fishing industry. What we're focussing on today is the inevitable knock-on effect on the price of fish and what that will mean for businesses like the Silvery Tay."

Ian Hudghton, who last week tabled a successful oral amendment in the European Parliament calling for additional funds for the fishing industry, added:

"I've emphasised throughout the whole of this fishing debacle is that it's not just fishermen who will suffer. Of course the effects of Ross Finnie's disastrous deal are being most keenly felt in our coastal communities. But Dundee's fishmongers and chippers will pay the price too, with businessmen like Bene either having to choose between cheap, inferior foreign imports, or paying inflated prices for good Scottish fish."

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