Commenting from Brussels on the outcome of the Fisheries Council meeting this morning, SNP MEP and member of the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee, Ian Hudghton, who has been in Brussels for the duration of the talks said:

"This is another betrayal of Scotland's fishermen.

"Year after year, Scotland takes a beating at the fisheries council marathon talks in Brussels. Yet again the UK Minister, Ben Bradshaw, has sacrificed the Scottish interest by supporting further cuts in days at sea. Year after year, Scotland's fishing communities have been hammered by quota cuts, restricted days at sea and compulsory scrapping of boats, all of which were inflicted on us with the support of UK Ministers at EU fisheries council meetings.

"Ross Finnie has yet again been sidelined by his Westminster boss, who has no interest in Scotland but who retains the final say on tactics at the Brussels talks. It is ridiculous to expect Scots fishers to welcome a deal which threatens the viability of the remainder of our fishing fleet.

"It's time for Scotland to regain control of fisheries management. It's time for an SNP government, and an independent Scotland, to give our coastal communities the political support they deserve."

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