A long running campaign by disability groups on advertising on bus windows has moved to Brussels following an intervention by Scotland MEP Ian Hudghton.

The Disability Advisory Group in Aberdeen have had a long running fight with local bus companies over the difficulties that those with visual impairments have with "all over bus advertising" covering the windows. Although people with good vision can see out the bus, people with sight problems are unable to see through the covering leading to difficulties.

Although some progress has been made in Aberdeen, SNP MEP Ian Hudghton has taken the cause to Brussels to get an EU wide policy to help resolve the problem throughout Scotland and across Europe. This intervention comes following contact from those involved in disability groups campaigning to stop the use of all over bus advertising. Ian Hudghton MEP said:

"It can be very distressing for someone with very poor vision to get onto a bus and not be able to know where they are because of this advertising. Whilst some progress is being made locally, I think that we need to be looking at a much wider approach and making sure this disability problem is being addressed across Scotland and the EU.

"This is an issue of disability rights and we need to be looking at improving the situation for people struggling to see. I have asked the European Commission to take action on this matter and help resolve the problem.

"The use of windows as advertising space needs to stop if we are really going to make improvements around disability equalities."
Aberdeen Councillor Jim Kiddie, member of the Disability Advisory Group said:

"I'm glad this fight is being taken to an even higher level, this has been affecting my constituents with sight problems for some time and I have been raising the issue locally to get some kind of solution. It is good to know that the European Commission will be looking at finding a solution."


PQ to the Commission: Many of my constituents in Scotland have raised the issue of advertising on the side of buses covering the windows, named "all over bus advertising". Whilst the advertising can be seen through by those with good vision inside the bus, those with visual impairments struggle to see out of the buses.
Disability groups in Scotland have raised concerns about this practice due to the difficulties this creates for those suffering from visual disabilities.
- Could the commission advise me if "all over bus advertising" is used within EU states other than the UK?
- Is the commission considering regulating or taking some action on the use of "all over bus advertising" in the interests of those with visual impairments?
- If the commission is considering some action, what actions are being considered?

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