SNP President Ian Hudghton, who has served as an MEP since 1998, has topped the party's postal ballot for Euro Candidates and will head the SNP team into the European elections on 4 June.

The SNP has set itself a target of winning the popular vote and adding to its tally of two MEPs, although the number of Scottish MEPs is to be reduced to six.

Ian Hudghton was initially elected to the European Parliament as the member for North-East Scotland and has served on numerous committees including Fisheries, Transport & Tourism and Consumer Protection.

Prior to becoming an MEP, Ian was Leader of Angus Council and was elected SNP President in 2005 upon Winnie Ewing's retirement.

Commenting on the ballot, Ian Hudghton said:

"The SNP has a long-standing record of standing up for Scotland in Europe.

"We have a strong and able team to fight the elections in June, and to take action on Scotland's behalf over the next 5 years.

"It's time for Scotland to enter into new partnerships, whilst getting more out of our existing ones. In Europe that means Scotland enjoying the same benefits as similar nations – with our national interests heard for the first time at the top table in the EU.

"Our target now is to win the popular vote in June. As a party we must now focus on grasping the opportunity presented in June to further propel our nation towards Independence.

"We will do this as our Scottish Government works to build a fairer and stronger nation, rich in renewable energy, bursting with ambition and talent and gifting a greener future to generations to come."


The postal ballot of SNP members to rank candidates was conducted on the basis of one-member-one vote, using single transferable voting.

The full result was as follows:
1. Ian Hudghton MEP
2. 2. Alyn Smith MEP
3. Aileen McLeod
4. Drew Hendry
5. Duncan Ross

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