Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - Mr President, I have become increasingly sceptical over the years I have been here about the value of fishing agreements in general: usually only a few of our Member States benefit, while all our taxpayers foot the bill. I am far from confident that the European Union can properly monitor fishing activity in these agreements or guarantee that our money ends up where it should. However, this agreement has an added dimension: the absolute right of a people to self-determination, the right, in this case, of the Saharawi people to control their own resources. We should not be signing up to any deal with Morocco that leaves any doubt whatsoever whether Western Saharan waters can be included by the Moroccan Government. If Amendments 14 to 18, restricting the agreement to Moroccan waters only, are approved – amendments which my group and I have signed – I would consider supporting this report, otherwise I would have to reject it.

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