Welcome to my website, which I hope you will find interesting, informative and useful in explaining how the European Parliament works, what powers it has, and how it relates to the other institutions of the European Union.

On this site you will also find information about the rights and powers retained by EU Member States, and an overview of the work that I do as a Scottish National Party Member of the European Parliament, representing Scotland's interests in Europe.

When I was first elected to the European Parliament, in a by-election in 1998, the European Union had only 15 Member States, the Euro currency had not been adopted and the devolved Scottish Parliament did not yet exist.

Now the EU has enlarged to 28 Member States, with 19 using the Euro, and Scotland has a successful Scottish National Party Government - re-elected in 2011 for a second term - with an outright majority and a mandate enabling a referendum on Scottish Independence, which took place on the 18th September 2014.

1.6 million people voted Yes in the Independence Referendum, and Scotland is now in a strong position to expect further devolutionary powers. Furthermore, SNP membership has more than doubled since the 18th of September, from 25,000 then to over 120,000.

My ambition is to see Scotland develop politically, restoring our position as a normal independent country with the automatic right to be represented at the top table in Europe, and fully participating in the international community of nations.

Yours for Scotland

Ian Hudghton MEP

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