SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP today awarded Liz Quinn, an SNP member from Kelvin, Glasgow the annual President's Prize award.

The award, established by previous SNP President Winnie Ewing, is given to a member to recognise an outstanding contribution in supporting the party through campaign efforts over a substantial amount of time. Commenting on the award Ian Hudghton MEP said,

"I am delighted today to award Liz Quinn with the President's Prize. Liz has worked tirelessly over the years to spread the idea of how independence for Scotland can benefit people in her community and city, and it was no surprise to me that a significant majority of people in Glasgow voted Yes to independence on the 18th September.

"That didn't happen by accident and is in large part thanks to the decades of activism of members like Liz Quinn. As we continue our cause towards independence, I believe we have every chance of success provided our newly enlarged membership follows the great example set by campaigners such as Liz Quinn."

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