Ian with Cllr Alison Thewliss

Scottish National Party President & Member of the European Parliament for Scotland, Ian Hudghton, this week joined SNP candidate, Alison Thewliss, to campaign for her election as the next MP for Glasgow Central.

Voters in Scotland go to the polls on Thursday, 7th May to elect MPs to represent them in the Westminster Parliament and Alison Thewliss is one of fifty-nine candidates standing for the SNP.

Scots MEP Ian Hudghton flew in from Brussels on Wednesday afternoon to join Alison Thewliss and her team on the campaign trail before stopping off at WEST Brewery in the constituency which

last week benefited from £140,000 of EU funding by way of Regional Select Assistance.

On Thursday morning Mr Hudghton and Councillor Thewliss met with Clyde Gateway Urban Regeneration Company to see first-hand some of the excellent regeneration work currently being undertaken in Glasgow.  Hudghton and Thewliss then took to the streets in Cessnock to speak with undecided voters.

Commenting after his visit to the city, Ian Hudghton MEP said: “Having known Alison for over a decade now, I am absolutely certain that she would make an excellent, hardworking MP for Glasgow Central and would be a tremendous addition to a strong group of SNP MPs at Westminster.

“Alison has been a Councillor in Glasgow for eight years and it was evident this morning - as we were taken on a local tour by Clyde Gateway - that she is passionate about the area and knows about the issues which matter most to local people.

“A vote for the SNP in May is a vote for a strong Scottish voice at Westminster which London cannot simply ignore for another five years.

“During the referendum, politics in Scotland changed completely.  Labour and the Tories – who campaigned hand in glove – made huge promises about the powers Scotland would get in the event of a No vote.  With no substantial progress having been made on that front, we now need a strong group of SNP MPs, including Alison Thewliss, to go down to the Westminster and argue Glasgow’s corner and secure substantial powers which will grow our economy, create jobs and a fairer society.”

SNP candidate for Glasgow Central, Councillor Alison Thewliss, added: “As we headed into the first formal week of campaigning for the Westminster election, it was good of Ian to come to Glasgow and give our campaign another great boost.  Ian’s visit is hot off the heels of a successful conference here in the city which over 3,000 SNP members attended.

“One thing we hear time and again on the doorstep is that Labour voters – who voted both Yes and No in the referendum – realise that this election is the best possible opportunity to get more powers for Scotland.  If elected to Westminster next month, I pledge to be a strong voice for Glasgow Central and I will use my experience as a Councillor to stand up for local people in Westminster and secure the best deal for Scotland.”

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