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The European Union, and related bodies, produce a vast range of publications about the EU institutions and their work, as well as a range of policy-specific guides, to keep people informed and for use as educational resources. A small selection of these publications are available here, downloadable in pdf format.

Ian Hudghton MEP also publishes a series of Parliamentary Reports, and writes articles for newspapers and magazines, to help provide information to constituents around Scotland about his activities in the constituency and speaking up for Scotland in the European Parliament.

pdf.png Scotland's International Policy Statement

The Scottish Government has demonstrated a strong and enduring commitment to international engagement. In a globalised society, world events affect our ability to operate successfully at home and overseas.

pdf.png The European Council in a Nutshell

The European Council is the driving force behind the European Union, setting its course and its political priorities. Its policy orientations feed into the work of the Council, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the member states.

pdf.png The Lisbon Treaty - Fact Sheets

Easy to read document explaining in detail the Lisbon Treaty and how it will affect the workings of the European Union since its coming into force in December 2009

pdf.png EU Commission 2015-2019

A leaflet displaying the names, nationalities and roles of the 28 Commissioners appointed for the 2014-19 term by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

pdf.png How the European Union Works

This publication is a guide on how the European Union (EU) works. 'How the EU works' describes how decisions are taken at EU level and who takes those decisions.

pdf.png United in Diversity

The booklet is an ideal way for children to learn about the diversity of the European family. Teachers can use it to explain what the euro and the euro area are, and introduce children to the cultural, scientific and natural heritage of the countries that make up the European Union.

pdf.png European Structural Funds

Scottish Government publication that gives an overview of the 2007-2013 Programmes and also an introduction to the 2014-2020 Programmes. It includes case studies from both the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund.

pdf.png EU Opportunities for Young People

Booklet focused towards young people from school age to graduates, suggesting various options for those interested in learning and working within the European Union.

pdf.png A day in the life of a Scottish MEP

Booklet that gives a flavour of a 'day in the life' of each of the six Scottish MEPs

pdf.png ABC of European Law

An extensive document that attempts to describe and make clear the complex structure of the European Union and European legal order, helping to clarify laws that are an important part of our political life and society.

pdf.png The EFA Group of MEPs

Brochure introducing the EFA MEPs from across Europe, explaining what we represent and our goals within the European Parliament.

pdf.png Problems with the EU? Who can help you?

The European Ombudsman has produced this brochure that gives an overview of the different information, advice, and complaint-handling bodies that you may wish to consult when exercising your rights as an EU citizen.

pdf.png Europe 2020: Scottish National Reform Programme

This is the sixth edition of the Scottish National Reform Programme. It builds on its predecessors to outline the actions being undertaken in Scotland in support of the delivery of the ambitions of Europe 2020 and to address the European Commission's country specific recommendations to the UK.

pdf.png Scotland's Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment

This paper presents analysis by the Scottish Government of the implications for Scotland’s economy if the UK exits the European Union.

pdf.png Scotland's place in Europe: our way forward

This paper sets out the Scottish Government's position following the result of the EU referendum.


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