Ian Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - MEPs received very large numbers of messages from constituents, expressing opposition to this CETA deal. I am not against trade deals. Scotland is a trading nation, with a long history of building valuable commercial links around the world. I want that to continue. Although I acknowledge that changes in the CETA deal have been achieved, these improvements had been strongly resisted, and only very grudgingly given when serious democratic challenges have been mounted, such as the Wallonian opposition to the original text and the threat of resistance to ISDS in this Parliament.

I find myself unconvinced that the current CETA text is the best deal available, and am very suspicious of the moves to limit debate and steamroller the deal to a conclusion, both at Westminster recently and in this Parliament where the normal committee processes have been curtailed. Labour law standards have not been adequately safeguarded and an envisaged consultation process remains opaque in its eventual effect. The Investor Court System, while admittedly improved, will still undermine the general corporate law by developing a specific, and unnecessary, supranational court for investors. These are just some of the reasons why I will vote against giving consent at this time.

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