Ian Hudghton (Greens/EFA) – MEPs have received thousands of emails expressing concern about the Digital Copyright Directive. Discussions about this proposal have been both complex and controversial, while seeking a workable compromise between the most contentious elements of the directive, in particular Articles 11 and 13, and the right of copyright-holders to receive fair remuneration for their work when it is published online.

That is why, in July, we voted to allow for this full plenary debate and amendment process. Throughout the negotiation process, the Greens/EFA Group has fought to get the right legislative balance, for creators to get their fair share of remuneration, and for public digital users. However, the current text of the directive includes some provisions that have far-reaching consequences for digital users, for example due to the potential imposition of content filters.

There is an undeniable right for creators to be properly compensated for their work. SNP MEPs have always supported that right. On the other hand, we must also seek to protect the public who have the right to freedom of expression. To date, we do not have the necessary legal framework that balances these two principles. I think that the position of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection is reasonable and I will vote accordingly tomorrow.

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