Ian Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - This debate takes place amidst continuing chaos at Westminster, where the UK Government has lost control of its relentless pursuit of exiting the EU - against the wishes of the people of Scotland. The SNP has made the case - based on the clear opinion of 62% of Scottish voters representing each and every Council area in the country - to remain as a member of the European Union. Yet Westminster has treated the views of Scotland with contempt. The Scottish Government has continuously argued that the aggressive hard Brexit or bad deal position favoured by the UK Government has been wrong headed, but the UK’s devolved administrations have been ignored throughout. Westminster today is debating various alternatives to Theresa May’s reckless strategy. May is in office but not in power. SNP MPs will support an amendment that will see a series of indicative votes on Brexit next steps, including the option to revoke the Article 50 application. The crisis highlights what Westminster government really thinks about Scotland. They have continually ignored strong Scottish opinion on remaining an EU member, and put the narrow interests of the Tory Party first. Scotland deserves better and the argument for Scottish independence gets stronger every day.

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