These set piece debates always come full of political rhetoric and complete with vision for the future. The Commission's work must however be judged by their actions not their words and only time will tell whether the new College of Commissioners have a real plan for Europe. The Commission promises a forward looking climate change policy but then withdraws proposals on air pollution. Europe must take a holistic approach on the environment and we will be watching the Commission carefully in this area. The Commission argues for a reasonable and balanced trade deal with the US but, again, the devil will be in the detail. The concerns over TTIP are real and any deal which jeopardises Europe's public services will be rejected in this House. Finally, the Commission calls for a Union of democratic change. My own country is going through democratic changes at the moment and the EU should take note of what is going on there. The people of Scotland are increasingly disenchanted with Westminster rule and we are on a journey to reclaim control over our destiny. The EU too often seems remote and the Commission must acknowledge this reality to retain popular legitimacy.

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