Ian Hudghton (Greens/EFA) – Mr President, we heard lots of self-congratulation earlier on this evening about CFP reform and the fact that we are ending 30 years of failure through overcentralised, one-size-fits-all decisionmaking, which has completely failed to recognise the very specific nature of the individual fisheries that we have around our coasts. The hard-won compromise led by Mr Arsenis would require Member States to identify and protect vulnerable ecosystems using a science led approach and an appropriate approach to these particular fisheries. For that reason, I cannot support amendments which now seek to reintroduce a one-size-fits-all policy: an arbitrary level above which all trawling everywhere will be banned. At one of the hearings referred to by Mr Arsenis we heard an expert who warned us of the unintended consequences of that – and it would be considerable and nothing to do with deep sea species or the protection thereof – so we cannot credibly expect to be ending the onesize-fits-all approach and welcoming that on the one hand, and then, half an hour later, supporting the exact opposite. I shall therefore be supporting the compromise, hard won. Give it a chance and tailor it to what we need to do to conserve stocks in relation to the exact needs of those stocks and ecosystems.

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