Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - Mr President, the Lisbon Treaty is dead. Without unanimity that is simply a legal fact. Voters, not just in Ireland but in France and the Netherlands too, have said 'no' to the Treaty text or its twin brother.

To regain the confidence of our peoples, we must do more than just re-badge and rename the Lisbon text and try to push ahead. The new Treaty was too easy to ridicule and too complex and obscure to explain, making it difficult for 'yes' campaigners in any country in a referendum. Many of the changes which were provided for in this Treaty were good, even necessary, but couched in such obscure, incomprehensible language that hardly anyone could understand. It is up to the other eight Member States to decide whether and how to continue with ratification, but I think that it would be very helpful if, for example, the UK were to decide to do so by referendum and let us see whether we have the confidence of the people to continue with this process.

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