Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - Mr President, I represent Scotland. My party, the SNP, forms the new Government in Scotland, and I believe it will prove to be more constructive towards participation in the European Union than UK governments have been. I accept the need to reform the Treaties and to create more open, democratic, efficient and accountable governance. In principle, I support an extension of QMV and co-decision with the European Parliament, but the very diversity which Mr Barroso quite rightly referred to will always mean that national interests will be promoted. We should not lose touch with our local communities by trampling over their interests, or appearing so to do. For Scotland, there is a very real fear that the entrenchment of the common fisheries policy, as an exclusive competence within the Treaties, can only obstruct the absolute root-and-branch reform of fisheries management that I believe to be necessary. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the UK Government did not raise this issue at the summit. Yet again, Scotland's key interests have been ignored by a UK Government.

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