Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - Madam President, I note that Commissioner Fischler is unable to be with us here today. I hope that is because he is extremely busy trying to remedy the problems that have been inflicted upon Scotland by the December Fisheries Council in Brussels. On the subject of Greenland, I am sure that many Scots in fishing communities these days would look enviously towards Greenland because it is outwith the CFP. However, while in Scotland we are still stuck with the CFP, it is absolutely essential that the founding principle of relative stability is not violated in any way whatsoever. This report, and its proposal that quotas should be reallocated to different Member States, and reallocated by the Commission, is totally unacceptable. It is a very dangerous precedent that could, and would, be used to undermine relative stability. It is not helpful that in December 2002 the UK
Government and the Scottish Labour and Liberal Government supported reform of the CFP giving equal access to waters and resources. If Commissioner Fischler had been here I would have asked him to comment on how relative stability can live with equal access to waters and resources. The two are not compatible, and I just hope that we can get out of the CFP before relative stability is reviewed or revoked.

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