Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - I welcome the Sylla Report on fundamental rights and in particular its conclusions about the treatment of asylum-seekers and their children. The report is correct to be critical of the UK's record on this and my knowledge of the Dungavel detention centre in my constituency of Scotland illustrates the UK Government's failures. The UK Government's is failing to protect the rights of asylum-seekers' children by holding them for prolonged periods in the Dungavel centre and the devolved Scottish Government, who are responsible for the provision of education in Scotland have failed to ensure that they are given access to mainstream education while resident in our country. The Scottish people have been appalled to learn about the long-term detention and lack of educational facilities for families like Yurdigal Ay and her children who were deported to Germany earlier this summer having spent a year at Dungavel. As of last week there were a record number of 23 children held at the centre and today the Scottish media reports that a mother has had her small allowance cut by the authorities for the "crime" of taking an extra biscuit to feed her one year old child who was hungry. The UK government's record on asylum-seekers and their children at Dungavel is a disgrace and I trust that the Sylla report will be heeded by UK Ministers and that steps are taken to ensure that the fundamental rights of refugees at Dungavel and throughout the UK are not infringed.

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