Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - The Scottish National Party representatives in this Parliament today voted against the Miguélez report on the Greenland fisheries protocol. This is not to deny the importance of fisheries agreements with neighbouring countries outwith the European Union. Rather, we are seeking to deny the Union the right to plunder external fisheries resources at the whim of those fleets who will fish anywhere - and will fish until there is nothing left to catch. Mrs Miguélez' report calls for unused quotas to be reallocated between Member States. This demand forms part of a concerted effort to break the link between fisheries resources and the fleets which have historically fished them. Such a demand is unacceptable - and Parliament should not sanction the behaviour of those fleets who know no boundaries, and accept no limits. The Union's management of its own fisheries resources has been an unmitigated disaster. We ought to learn. Those countries which have best managed their resources are those which have respected historical rights from the past - and give their fishermen hope for the future. We must not export our problems to waters out-with the Union - and we must limit the ambitions of the destructive armadas.

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