Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - Mr President, this long-awaited package contains many welcome aspects. The accent on conservation and sustainability must of course be central to the CFP. Multi-species and multiannual management is welcome. Efforts to create a level playing field in enforcement are welcome. Technical conservation measures and their development are welcome. Of course, fleet capacity needs to be brought more in line with available resources. I take it that the Commissioner can confirm today that recent efforts in certain areas will be taken into account in that regard.
I welcome the 6 and 12 mile limit retention, but beyond 12 miles I have some very serious concerns about the wording of the documents in relation to access to waters and resources and in relation to relative stability. Is the Commission saying that equal access will bring equal access to fishing opportunities in our waters? Is the document really saying that relative stability keys will be perennially open for review? Does the Commission envisage additional Member States gaining quota in areas where they have none at the moment – for example, in the North Sea? The wording of the document in that particular chapter points towards relative instability rather than the stability which was intended. There is at least a possibility that the otherwise good intentions of the conservation proposals in the document could well be undermined. So I am looking for major and clear assurances of intent in that area.

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