Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - Mr President, this Green Paper comes at a time when the EU is confronted with dwindling stocks, over-capacity and ineffective and over-centralised management. The review is an opportunity not only to rectify shortcomings but also to preserve crucial provisions which are worthwhile and necessary for the survival of Europe's fragile fisheries dependent communities. We must preserve the six- and twelve- mile zones at least. We must continue with special conservation areas like the Shetland Box and support historic fishing rights through the fundamental principle of relative stability. The common goal of conserving stocks for future generations remains the most important objective of the CFP. It is imperative that the promotion of sustainable fisheries and the needs of fisheries-dependent communities are kept to the fore. The report paves the way for decentralisation and the Commission must set out a comprehensive form of zonal management, delivered through zonal management committees. I stress the word "management". The fishing industry, the processors, the scientists and NGOs must all be actively involved and their expertise utilised to ensure that the new CFP actually works.

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