Hudghton (Greens/EFA) - I hope that Members will appreciate my strong interest in this matter. I wish to move, under Rule 144, that Mr Cunha' s report be referred back to committee and I do so with the support of the Greens/ALE Group. On Monday, my colleague, Mr MacCormick, raised questions about the admissibility of part of paragraph 6 of Mr Cunha's report, and this involves very strong issues which may well be raised again today. But before we get to that point, I also believe that there are significant political and practical issues surrounding paragraph 6 and the proposals therein. It would be in all our interests to try to seek a consensus in our approach to this. Therefore, further discussion by the Committee on Fisheries and indeed the possibility of an opinion from the Committee on Legal Affairs on this matter would be helpful to all sides of the argument. In view of the doubts and some of the controversy which surrounds paragraph 6, a referral back would also allow, and should provide, an opportunity for further consultation both with the industry and with our experts in the Commission and elsewhere. I request that we vote to refer this back to committee and to return it to the House in due course, after further consideration. I also ask that this vote, if agreed, be a roll-call vote.

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