Hudghton (ARE) - Madam President, the Commission action plan on monitoring, if its aims come to fruition, is a positive move towards improving implementation of the common fisheries policy. I suspect, however, that the enforcement of the CFP, despite repeated efforts, remains ineffective. I am sure we could all quote examples of that. It is thus important to stress the need for monitoring to be effective throughout the Community and not just in certain Member States. Uniform application of monitoring methods and standards of implementation must persist throughout the European Community and the disparities that exist should be brought to an end. To this end I welcome the recent adoption of a regulation seeking to establish a control system applicable to the CFP emphasising the use of Community inspectors in addition to national inspectors. The use of new technologies in improving implementation is a step forward but clearly such methods should be financed properly and equally across Member States. It is little wonder, for instance, that Scottish fishermen get annoyed when they are prevented from accessing support available to fishermen of other Member States. In my view such inequalities undermine the objectives of the CFP. I agree strongly with the report where it states that standard penalties for the same offences should be the norm throughout the Community. The fair and consistent application of controls is important but, again agreeing with the report, the system of controls must be an integral part of all the measures implementing the CFP. There must be a wider approach to fisheries which includes transparency, cooperation and harmonisation of data and administrative documents. A fundamental prerequisite for successful implementation is the greater involvement of the fishing industry in the entire process from decision-making to implementation. This is something we must strive to achieve. The UK's designated port scheme may have been well-intentioned but it has not been helpful to those ports which have not been designated but which do, in fact, have fish processing activity, which is important to these communities.

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